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Performance Case

Pavement Technology Service


Shanghai-Nanjing expressway expansion project pavement technology service

No.312 national highway (Zhenjiang) pavement technology service

Nanjing the second Yangtze river bridge deck pavement technology service

Nanjing the third Yangtze river bridge deck pavement technology service

Runyang Yangtze river bridge deck pavement technology service

Jiangyin Yangtze river bridge deck pavement technology service

Kaiyang expressway pavement technology service

Guangqing expressway pavement technology service

Fuxiang expressway pavement technology service

Shangzhou expressway pavement technology service

Pingzheng expressway pavement technology service

Jixu (Jiangsu) expressway pavement technology service

Dexing-Nanchang expressway pavement technology service

Anxin north overhaul expressway of Beijing-Zhuhai expressway pavement technology service

Guohuo expressway of Xinjiang pavement technology service

Nanjing-Hangzhou expressway phase II (new construction) pavement technology service

Yongtaiwen expressway (reconstruction) pavement technology service

Changzhou S340 provincial highway (white-to-black) pavement technology service

Nanjing Binjiang avenue (reconstruction) pavement technology service

Chongqi Bridge connection line pavement technology service

Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge pavement technology service

Nanjing Yangtze River Fourth Bridge pavement technology service

Nanjing City West Main Road Tunnel cement concrete pavement technology service

Coloured Slip-proof Pavement-ETC lane

Coloured Slip-proof Pavement-highway warning belt

Coloured Slip-proof Pavement-urban road warning belt

Coloured Slip-proof Pavement-bus special road


Technical Consulting Services


Nanjing-Changzhou expressway construction design consulting

Wuxi-Zhangjiagang expressway preliminary design consultation

Jiangdu-Haian expressway preliminary design consultation

Shangzhou the second period of expressway pavement technology consulting

Anxin expressway extension pavement recycling technology consulting

Zhengluo expressway extension mosaic pavement technology consulting

Bengming pavement structure optimization consulting

Ningluo expressway (Zhoukou) asphalt pavement overlay technology consulting

Saiguo expressway of Xinjiang pavement structure design consultation


Scientific Research Project


study on double SMA pavement system of cement concrete bridge deck (the third prize of award of provincial excellent consulting, the second prize of award of science and technology china highway society)

study on the application of asphalt rubber hot and rainy areas in Anhui (environmental protection, high-performance rubber asphalt technology promotion£©

causes of Jiangsu along the river embankment crack  analysis and treatment technology (Jiangsu communications scientific research plan project)

experimental study bonding layer waterproof cement concrete bridge(promote the surface waterproof in progress in Jiangsu)

study on protection layer based on the durability of cement concrete bridge deck£¨study on a new type of waterproof protection layer of the bridge deck£© subgrade design optimization technology guide£¨the ministry of communications research project£©

study on application of rubber modified asphalt on the expressway

£¨the first prize of award of excellent consulting of Jiangsu; received a patent for invention£©
study on the application of emulsified asphalt cold mix asphalt of high polymer£¨study on a new type of high performance of cold mix maintenance material£© introduction and development of the design method of AASHTO asphalt pavement structure£¨propose a new idea of structure design method£©

study on application of Superpave in Fushang expressway of Henan

£¨Superpave technology was first promoted in Henan£©
asphalt rubber factory production and engineering application of complete technology development£¨special funding for transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Jiangsu£© study on comprehensive technical of reasonable reduction height of subgrade filling on expressways in Jiangsu£¨Jiangsu communications scientific research plan project£©

Road Test And Detection

Jiangsu trunk highway maintenance and minor repairs and maintenance quality inspection, maintenance and repair of large and medium detection in 2012

Linhai high grade highway (lianyungang) engineering quality detection in 2012


Nanan to Shijing in Fujian of Quanzhou city highway engineering test and detection in 2012

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